Saturday, May 20, 2006

SongWriting Quotes

SONGWRITING QUOTES Don Goodman writer of "Angels Among Us" by Alabama, "OP Red" by Blake Shelton, "Ring On Her Finger, Time On Her Hands" by Reba McEntire. "A stroke of genius ... is a moment of perfec-tion achieved through a life time of practice. I feel that for every 100 songs I write, 99 are prepara-tion for the 1 that is truly inspired!" Duane Hitchings Credits: #1's with Rod Stewart including "Infatuation" & "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy", Grammy Award Winner for His Work on Flashdance with Kim Games "I'll Be Where The Heart Is", Numerous Charting songs with Alice Cooper, Steve Perry etc. latest hit is T.L.C.'s "Unpretty", currently working with Brooks & Dunn and Rod Stewart among others.) "Well there are several factors that contributed to my personal 'success' in the music industry: A. I am so old I knew everyone before they made it and thus had their phone numbers (my advice, write with producers & artists themselves without the middle man). B. I have always stayed on top of technology and have always owned my own personal state of the art digital recording studio in which I play all the instrument parts myself (make your demos "cost effective"). C. Over the years I have developed a calcium deposit on my forehead approx. 2 to 3 inches thick, this is a direct result of banging my head against various stone structures until they gave (Maintain composure under stress & develop a strong determination). D. Live on a boat (always have a plan of escape). Tony Toliver Credits Include: Curb Recording Artist w/ rising Tide Records & Polgram. "My advice to new artists and writers is get with other writers that know how to write. You might have a few good lines, but you will waste a lot of time trying to do it on your own. For example, doctors get with other j doctors, and pilots get with other pilots to get their opinion and their view so that they can combine their , \ thoughts into words. The same goes for songwriters. Knock on their door, mow their lawn if you ; have to, but just get to know them." j Harlan Howard Credits Include: "I Fall To Pieces" "Busted" "Heartaches by the Number" and ; many more ledgendary songs. "I take a whole life story and compress into 3 minutes. There's no < school for it. It would be great if you knew how to play an instrument. Also it would be great if you knew how to play by ear, and knew when to change chords and so forth and had at least a decent singing voice so you could show people how the song went. That helps a lot. But, you learn about songwriting from radio & records. Just listen to how all the masters have done it on your favorite songs through the years. I used to memorize songs from Tin Pan Alley and Ernest Tubb when I was ; a little kid. I actually know more of Ernest Tubb's songs than I know of my own, after all these ^ years. But that's how I learned to write and studied the structure and the phrasing and the little , tricks they did that got my attention, and little punch lines - Three chords and the truth." > Hank Williams (1923-1953) "A song ain't nothing in the world but a story | just written with music to it." '^ Vern Gosdin "I tend to average about 10 hit songs per ex-wife". Willie Nelson "I'd say 99 percent has come from my own experience. A person could probably start from my first song and go all the way to my last- if he knew wh at to look for - and write my autobiography". Tom T. Hall "Make your melodies simple enough so that the average person can hum them". Conway Twitty (1933-1993) "It's not the singer it's the song". Johnny Cash "Mama songs are always good for country music". Roger Miller (136-1992) It took me six weeks to write "King of The Road". I was driving from Davenport Iowa, to Chicago and somewhere along the way I saw a sign on the road which read Trailers for sale or rent'," and for some reason that phrase stuck in my mind. It wasn't until later in Boise Idaho, that I really set down and made something out of it although I had to induce labor to get it completed. I got stuck after the first verse, So I went out to a Boise store and bought a statuette of a hobo. I set and stared at it until the rest of the tune came to me.


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