Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Song Writting Tips......

R.C.Bannon Award winning songwriter To me songwriting is a business and should be approached as such. No different than selling shoes at Sears, or working at IBM. I get up every morning at 6:30 am, grab a Diet Dr Pepper, Nordictrack, Shower and go upstairs to my loft and go to work. I do not wait for inspiration to hit. If I wrote only when I was inspired, I wouldn't even write five songs a year. You have to be diligent. I write for money, but money is not why I write. I would write even if I never made a dime. But because it is my chosen profession, I treat it as a business. This doesn't work for everyone, but it works for me. I go to a lot of movies, and in my pockets, beside the milk duds that I sneak in, you will find a small tape recorder. Remember some creative mind wrote this script. So more than likely you're going to hear a phrase that will trigger a song thought. The best advice I can give writers new or old, BE AWARE." Jim Turbo Kirbv Piano & Organ For Roy Orbison 1981-88/ Session Plaver "Go to Nashville, LA or NY, if you are serious about the business find out who and what the biz is all about". Marty Brown Credits include: Crying. Loving & Leaving. I'm From The Country. High & Dry. "There are two keys: 1. How much you love something and 2.How much you believe in what you are doing. Before anyone else can believe in you, you have to believe in yourself, in what you are doing, in what you are singing and what you are writing along with your belief in the Lord. Surround yourself with successful people not only in the music business, but anyone who is successful. Nine times out of ten if you are around successful people you will be successful as well. I have learned this first hand. I have slept with the bums in the alley and eaten dinner with George Jones. I have been from one extreme to the other. Find where your niche is. Find out who the big wigs are and hang out with them " I told my Dad when I grow up I want to be a musician. He said, 'Son, you can't do both.' Chet Atkins. C.G.P. Don Wayne Songwriting credits include: "Country Bumpkin" (Faron Young), Songs cut by: Hank Williams Jr., Eddie Arnold, Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty. "Hard work, a lot of talent and persistence are the most important keys in attaining success as a songwriter. However, I don't believe in self-made successful people. I think luck and cir­cumstances have a lot of bearing on the ups and downs of songwriting." Randal PatrJC Screenplay writer "The Gift", "Return To Sender", "Living Legend" "Gam­bler III" Creative Consultant Author of "Hollywood USA" Writer of" White Trash in a Trailer Park". "Writing has one requirement: put your butt in the chair everyday - the rest will take care of itself." Rebecca Holden -Actress. Entertainer. Songwriter (Star of NBC's Knight Rider. General Hospital and Former Breck Girl) " Having worked with top actors, talent agen­cies and television networks in both New York and Los Angeles, I find that Nashville has so much talent, it's really a 'third coast' It's finally good to see companies such as Nash-Angeles Inc. with connections to Los Angeles being able offer opportunities to the talent pool here in Nashville." Randy Boudreaux Award Winning Producer/ Songwriter for: Tracv Lawrence. George Jones. Neal McCov. Clay Walker: "Keep your eyes on the moon but reach for the stars, just go & follow your dreams." Mary W. Francis - award-winning sonawriter. Her hits include "Whiskey If You Were A Woman" (Highway 101) and "Tonight The Heartaches On Me" (The Dixie Chicks) "When you first get to town, go to as many music orientated places as you can. Listen 95% of the time and talk 5%. If you have a song, and people tell you they don't get it -hold on to that one- it is your hit. Every instinct in you will tell you to give up your dream right before you make it big.. Hang tough; it is always darkest before the dawn.


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