Saturday, May 13, 2006

One Of Nashville's Greats!

StoneWall Jackson was the first recording artist to record the song, "Don't Be Angry", written by Wade Jackson, witch won two BMI Awards. The first award in 1965 and the second in 1977. (Donna Fargo also had a great hit with "Don't Be Angry.") StoneWall also appeared on the Wade Jackson show with Wade and his "String Kings" band entertaining American Troops in Germany about a year before Wade retired from the military service. The Troops and their families, world wide, realy loved his style. StoneWall also recorded "Red Roses Blooming Back Home", wich he shares the copyright on with Wade Jackson. Wade got the ides for the song while serving in the War in Korea with the 24th Infantry Division where he carried his old guitar and fiddle right on up to the frount line foxhole positions. Grand Ole Opry stars, including Red Sovine, George Morgan, Ernie Ashworth, Grandpa Jones, the great country comedian, "Duke of Paducah and others played state and country fairs. Entertaining at Autitorium Road Show Tours , Wade Jackson opened the show with the help of "NILLIE", his favorite old fiddle. This went on for several summer seasons. Wade was selected because of his ability to warm up the audience in a hurry, witch requires an expearienced showman! Wade at the age of 77 still has this kind magnetic enegery, as I have experinced my time with him this past week. I also learned that Jimmy Rogers, the famous folk singer, was on the same U.S. Air Force entertainment tour with Wade, wich was made up of The Top Talent Conest Winners in the Airforce! Jimmy's songs are still popular to Day. Please Vsite Wades Website at to decide if you would like more information, sample music. ~Fanny Aliff


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