Saturday, May 20, 2006


Hank Cochran: Written songs for: George Jones. George Strait. Lefty Frizzell. Kris Kristofferson. Linda Ronstadt. Ricky Van Shelton. Jimmy Buffett. Hank Williams Jr., Patsy Cline. LeAnn Rimes. Lee Ann Womack. Waylon Jennings and Trace Adkins Just to name a few: How you run your life is yours and how I run my life is mine. I thank the good Lord I have been a little successful. I'd say if you want to get into anything, figure out for yourself what you want to do. Let everyone know exactly what you want to do, and get after it. Stay with it, and just be determined enough to know what your going to have to do. People will help you even if they don't like you. Because if you're that determined, they know you're going to be successful. Do the best you can the A & R men now want to hear a full production. Even on the pitch sheet it says don't bring in a simple demo. They want a full blown hit sounding recording--1 think so they can just copy it. I've cut demos and pitched them. They take the demo into the studio and cut it with no changes. The majority of the big songs I have had recorded are just me and the guitar. Willie Nelson and I would go in and do 15 or 20 songs in 3 hours. Run it through, then I'd ask if it was something he wanted to make a master out of. Willie would say no and we'd go on to the next one. Keep after it!.
.Bart Harbinson Executive Director of Nashville Songwriters Association International.. "This period of time for writers and any creators involved in the process of making a record, is the biggest evolution in how we make, deliver, and get paid for music since Thomas Edison recorded "Mary Had A Little Lamb." Next year Congress decides whether your music is given away for free or not on sites like Napster, and There is a state tax issue where they want to place a $.06 per dollar song tax on songwriters, and we are not going to let that happen. That is why we exist at NSAI-- to protect the songwriters. We have 105 workshops around the country, and a free one every Thursday night here in Nashville that has produced successes such as Jon Vezner (Grammy Winning songwriter), Mark D. Sanders (Songwriter of the Year) Mark Shelby & Tia Sillers (Single of the Year) We are there. I even had songwriters say when they die they want to go to NSAI. We are the songwriters home. We will treat you right, love ya, and give you a place to work, live and grow."
Beverly Ross Writer of "Judy's Turn To Cry". "Lollipop". "Candyman". "If you know your emotional, psychological and spiritual core is that you are a songwriter, you must not deny it, because you have a calling.You basically need to allow this dominant face to guide you. And in surrendering to this internal mechanism or urge, you basically need to jump into the fire of the artistic challenge, political intrigue and prejudice, rivalry, greed and potential recognition which all comprise the "consuming soup" laced with financial limbo or instant wealth that are the core of investing oneself into the music business. The essential character qualities are resilience and boldness. I believe we are chosen by a higher power to create for humanity joy through songs. I have recently created a workshop entitled "David & The Ten Commandments Of Songwriting" It is based on the premises that the young shep-ard DAVID has exquisite musical gifts and GOD looked with joy upon his making of the sound of music. Commandment #1- learn to love rejection, because that's what you get the most of and be able to convert the energy of that pain into re-crafting, re-thinking, re-writing & improving the song." Please write to: B Ross Workshop P.O. Box 120954 Nashville, TN37212
Merle Kilgore W/ Merle Kilgore Management "The best advice that I can give to a newcomer is to make sure that you have the desire and determination. It takes time to make it in this business. That coupled with a true love for music itself will help get you started." Kirk Roth Songs Recorded by: Tim McGraw, Tracy Lawrence, Hank Cochran, Willie Nelson, & Bobby Bare: The only advice I can give is this, "Cultivate the old, for there is no better teacher than the great songs of yesterday themselves, and never underestimate the power in networking. The success I have had all stems from personal relationships God Bless."

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