Saturday, May 13, 2006

GRAND OLE' OPRY Classic Songwritter/ Showman.....

The "legendary" Wade Jackson The Country Classic, "Don't Be Angry", (Sony Publishing), has already won two BMI Awards, and has boosted many bottom lines during the last half century. Incidentally, this is the first song that songwriter/artist Wade Jackson ever wrote. Recorded first in one of Stonewall Jackson's early albums, it soon broke out on a single and it is still active in royalties. The second BMI Award resulted from the HIT by Donna Fargo. Other artists who have recorded "Don't Be Angry" include George Jones, Roy Acuff, Mickey Gilley, Sandy Bull, Nappy Brown, James O'Gwynn and Daniel O'Donnell. Born in a logging camp near Marion, South Carolina, he has been a professional entertainer for more than 42 years, starting long before his enlistment in the military service. Then, all the time he could spare was spent in entertaining his GI buddies all over the world, and on local radio and TV shows when possible. No traveling conditions, working conditions, or inadequate personal accommodations have ever slowed him down or kept him away from doing a show for his fellow troops, or for any other live audience for that matter. From the frozen winters in Grafenwehr, Germany to the rice paddies of Korea, Wade has performed and organized off duty GI bands to play country music shows indoors and outdoors in all kinds of weather. But Wades work and talent for entertaining were not really known to the American people here at home until he started recording professionally and making personal appearances on shows all over the United States and Canada in the Fall of 1966. Since Wades discharge from the military service, he has hung up his be medaled uniform, and explodes onto the stage to do his show with more instruments than it looks possible to carry. To name a few, fiddle, banjo, guitar, harmonica, mandolin, and anything else he can find on the stage. And he never does the show the same way twice. Wade has organized so many bands in the military service, also teaching each man his own instruments, that he seems to have an infinite patience and understanding ability to work with any band, anywhere. Many of the top stars all over the nation, who know Wade, kid him a little when they work on the same stage with him, because he has the showmanship ability to completely steal the show. Be careful of this entertainer, watching him perform and listening to him sing is habit forming. Incidentally, Wade Jackson is one of the most celebrated Country songwriters and has material to his credit, which has been recorded by Sonny James, George Jones, Ernest Tubb, Roy Acuff, Stonewall Jackson and many other artists. The first song he ever wrote was "Don't Be Angry." Wade travels all over with the Grand Ole Opry Road Shows every summer, and makes his base of operations at his home in Gallatin, Tennessee, only 27 miles from Nashville. DON'T EVER MISS A CHANCE TO SEE THIS REAL SUPER-SHOWMAN IN ACTION! ITS AN EXPERIENCE YOU'LL NEVER FORGET.


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